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'Servator' (Latin | Sèr-va-tor)

  1. Observing

  2. Supporting

  3. Saving

Group – partner network

  • Knowledge

  • Technology

  • Implementation

—  Name, Title

In 2019 we started Servator Group because we no longer believe in thick reports that go into too much detail too early.  We stand for a different approach to design and optimization to be able to provide well-founded advice within a few weeks.
For this we have developed 'Logistics Routing': we first determine the direction together and only then fill in the details.

Depending on the required knowledge, we do this with our core team of specialists or we call in our partner network , so that we can unburden you up to and including the realization.  

Our team brings knowledge and experience in Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Project Management, Lean and Real Estate. We have worked with and for shippers, logistics service providers, manufacturers of Material Handling systems, Supply Chain software and developers in various industry verticals including (r)etail, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, High Tech, Spare Parts, Healthcare.

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Depending on your company’s life phase, you will have to make choices in different areas to become or stay ahead of your competition by improving your organization. To determine the right direction, you need answers fast to, for example, questions about in/outsourcing your logistics, warehouse space requirements for various growth scenarios, product range and stock optimization or robotization concept selection.

Based on this need, we have developed 'Logistics routing': logistics navigation, in which we have reduced the most frequently asked questions to five themes:

  • Do it yourself or outsource: Carry out logistics yourself or outsource it based on strategic and financial considerations and tender support for shippers and 3PLs

  • Optimization: Improving logistics processes, stock, route and planning and comparing KPIs with best practices.

  • Automation and concept selection: warehouse robotization and mechanization possibilities, concept selection and WMS selection

  • Design and storage dimensions: Logistics design, warehouse layout and plot dimensions including expansion options for various growth scenarios in assortment groups, stock and sales channels.

  • Interim support: support in the implementation of our advice

Logical order
Logistics Routing analyses are always performed in a logical, fixed order.
If the workshop and benchmark analysis show that a new warehouse is necessary, you first want to know the warehouse size and plot dimensions at alternative growth scenarios per sales channels, geography or assortment, so that the consequences can be made shared company-wide.
A good warehouse design then requires the optimal storage and order picking concept including feasibility of investments in mechanization or robotization and the expected capital and operating expenses.
Within logistics routing outsourcing could also be an option. If cooperation with a logistics service provider is more interesting for strategic and/or financial reasons, we will deepen this process and look for a suitable partner.

We are happy helping you to take the most logical turn at each cross road / decision. We do not do this through extensive studies but through observation, measurements, analyses, workshops and benchmarks.

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Logistics Routing
Partner netwerk

Our network is a mix of technology, knowledge and implementation partners. We constantly work to expand this to have a partner in all areas that are relevant to us that fits our way of working.

The technology companies are start-ups, which often offer solution for labor shortage and operational insights with smart combinations of hardware and software. We help with our logistics knowledge and network to make improvements and bring the solutions to the right market.

Knowledge partners contribute by adding value with their specific knowledge.
Our network consists of Finance experts, developers and builders in logistics real estate, specialists in the field of fire safety and certification and software companies that provide optimization or execution software to, for example, plan inventory and optimize routes or warehouse processes.  

Implementation partners are usually interim professionals who support the implementation of our improvement proposals, the roll-out of new software or ensure the successful start-up of your new warehouse.

Even if you need temporary help on an operational or tactical level, we are happy to help you find the right candidate within our network!



Servator Team 2024 engels.png
foto William.jpg

William van der Aa
co-owner / logistics expert

William has been working in Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Operations at shippers, 3PLs and consulting companies since 2000. He has extensive experience in developing Supply Chain strategies, insourcing / outsourcing considerations, 3PL selections and designing and optimizing warehouses and distribution centers. Colleagues and clients compliment his pragmatism, outside-in view and strong eye for social interaction. William is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified and graduated from the RU Nijmegen (master Business Administration) and NHTV Breda (bachelor Logistics).

Robert van Ree- BW.png

Robert van Ree
co-owner / logistics designer

Robert is a seasoned logistics professional, and combines his knowledge of Marketing & Sales, inventory optimization and warehouse design to solve logistics challenges and aligning strategy and logistics.
Robert has been involved in 100+ automated and manual warehouse designs since 2001. Robotics solutions for warehouses have his special attention as he strongly believes innovations are required to overcome challenges like labor scarcity.
Robert is a frequent asked lecturer at logistics events about warehouse automation, advanced robotics and packaging and he is providing logistics knowledge to technology start-ups.


Jeroen Cornelissen
logistics expert and interim professional

Jeroen has been working in the field of Logistics and Operations since 2001 and has gained broad knowledge and experience at (producing) (inter)national companies in (food) retail, wholesale and logistics services. Jeroen has been responsible for the logistics operation at companies such as Wiltec, SPGprints, Flex, Hollander Barendrecht and C1000. In addition to operational responsibility, his focus has always been on the project-based optimization of processes such as (re)implementation of Warehouse Management Systems, optimization of transport flows and the design of efficient entry, storage, production, picking and packing processes.
Jeroen is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified, studied Supply Chain Management at the OU and graduated from HAN (HEAO business economics).

Lolke zw_edited.jpg

Lolke Koopmans
logistics and WMS expert

Lolke Koopmans has more than 15 years of national and international experience with logistics software in warehouse environments with focus on WMS and WCS systems.
Lolke helps companies as independent consultant in the selection phase and as a project manager in the implementation phase. In the many projects Lolke has let he gained a lot of experience in supporting companies with changes in logistics processes and in the use of logistics software as well.
Lolke holds a bachelor in Logistics (NHTV, Breda).


Paul Mooren
logistics tender/contracting and interim professional

Paul has 30+ years of staff and line experience in B2B & B2C Retail, Logistics Services, Manufacturing and After-sales/Service companies. Since 2009, Paul has specialized in Supply Chain optimization projects where he guides clients from concept to implementation and system integration. In these processes he also plays an important role in the tender process, the contract negotiation and drafting (legal).

Famke kleur.jpeg

Famke van Re
data science and artifical intelligence expert

Famke studied Data Science en Artificial Intelligence at Universiteit Utrecht and University of Sydney. With her focus on data-driven decision-making, she translates big data into concrete and valuable insights. Famke's passion lies in designing algorithms and models that increase both efficiency and precision of decisions.


Jeffrey Paymans
logistics data expert

Jeffrey is a master at turning complex datasets into unique insights through presentation-ready graphs and charts. Jeffrey is a data expert with a keen eye for detail and a passion for building well-designed solutions. He uses various components of different back-end systems and tools for automation and visualization and provides strategic insight to customers with the applications he has developed.

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