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'Servator' (Latin | Sèr-va-tor)

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Save time and money

Logistics is not difficult, but certain dynamics and conditions are. In todays 24/7 environment, time has become one of the most critical factors. Not only in operations, but also in your responsiveness to changes. A few examples:

  • Because the life cycle of products is getting shorter every day, any misalignment in the chain can lead to obsolete goods and margin pressure. There is no time for correction.

  • Individual customer requirements result in increasingly time-consuming customization, which means that productivity continues to fall. And because the largest volume is ordered later and later, there is hardly any time left for picking and packing.


To stay or become ahead of the competition, you need to make choices more often and faster. The traditional approach typically starts with lengthy detailed studies to substantiate certain results. Nowadays this does not work anymore. It simply takes too long, it costs too much money and the detailed outcome has quite a bit of false certainty in the results.

We started Servator Group because we believe in a different approach for warehouse design and optimization.


We have developed 'Logistics Routing' to be able to provide substantiated advice within a few weeks about the most logical next step. This methodology uses software developed in-house for standardized analyzes and logistics dashboards.

In this way we first determine the direction together and only then fill in the details.

This shortens the lead time and saves a lot of money!

In 'Logistics routing' we have reduced the most frequently asked questions to five main themes:

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​​We look forward to help you to take the most logical turn at each desicion point.
We don't 'help
' with lengthy and extensive studies, but through observation, measurements, analyses, workshops and benchmarks. We would be happy to explain exactly how we work during an introduction.

Logistics Routing
Partner netwerk

We don’t stop with the selection of the right direction only. Depending on the requirements we fill in the necessary details ourselves, with our core team of specialists, or we ask our partner network for support.

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