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do it yourself or outsource?

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Build a new warehouse or
outsource your logistics operations?
One of the key questions typically is about the costs of both scenario’s. But don’t forget other elements in the insource/outsource consideration.

It’s not only about money.

AUTOMATION and concept selection

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In times of labor scarcity, you have to be creative. Mechanization or robotization could help.

Is that feasible?

If so, what concept fits best and for how long?

Optimization and benchmarking

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Turnover is growing fast, but the costs and frustration even faster. You know there is plenty to improve, but where to start?
And how do you do, compared to others?

Warehouse Design and sizing


You have build plans and are looking for a plot but don’t know how big it should be.
Among other things, this depends on future assortment, stock strategy, potenTial growth in different product groups and desired flexibility

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