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What could be better?

That's what you ask yourself when costs outgrow turnover.

Or if certain processes suddenly come to a stop. Orders are shipped too late and Customer Service is overloaded. It should be better but you don't know how. We are happy to help you!

Scan & KPI benchmark

Through interviews and tours we gain insight in your Supply Chain. Problems in the warehouse are often caused by a lack of coordination with the links before and after. After that we dive into the warehouse processes in depth and map inefficient and non-value-adding activities through a Value Stream Analysis.

Once we compare lead times and productivity for the various process steps with benchmark performances, the so-called KPI benchmark, we identify process improvements.

Improvement potential

Together we assess the points for improvement based on urgency, complexity in terms of implementation, costs and benefits and risk.

We visualize this in a roadmap with short- and long-term improvements.


If you don't have people available internally to implement the improvements, we're happy to help! We have interim Project managers in our partner network who have years of experience in improving logistics processes, implementation of IT systems and Change Management processes.

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